Third Party Manufacturing


Skyways Healthcare Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading supplier and manufacturer of the finished products all over the India. The company has a wide range of products portfolio that consists of the tablets, capsules, dry syrups, nutraceuticals, injectables, and powders. The products are manufactured at the best of the state manufacturing sectors, which are certified by the reputed organization.

We have several franchises all over the India, and successfully catering the demands of the customers by providing them the best services in general as well as specialty divisions, depending on the requirements of the customers. Since a year, we have been serving the optimum quality of services that are highly rich in variety and fulfilling the value of each product.
Due to the efforts from the client side, our employees are competing with each term and conditions, and now we are acknowledged for our dedication and efforts in providing the fastest service within the stipulated time. Apart from the services we provide, the second principal model under which we are working with our clients is the third party manufacturing services.

Sometimes there are chances that the customers want to manufacture their products under their brand name so that they can enjoy the services as well as take all the benefits of branding their products and services. But, this thing will happen when there are chances of a good sale of the products in that particular locality.

The meaning of the third party means, the name of the company will not appear anywhere in the product like Skyways will not appear. Instead, the name of the third party will appear in the product. The minimum number of the orders will be multiplied by the batch size for different aspects. The company will not provide any promotional material to the third party manufacturing unit for any products.

The most important criteria of the policy with the third party are that the products can’t be returned after the final invoicing. There are different terms and conditions apply to the third party manufacturing companies, which they need to follow while manufacturing the products under our surveillance.

The manufacturers from the third party need to select the exact requirement for the products through various means like the mail, and then they need to set the price and other minimum necessary details for the quality of the product. Rest of the features can be fulfilled or paid during the delivery time. The certificate of the analysis will be provided to them, and no goods are taken back until they are appropriately checked by using the latest technologies and methods. The valid documents from the client are highly required.

Production Capacity

The third-party manufacturing services are based on the quantity as well as the quality of the products. The company produces the tablets (Beta-lactam) 1 crore per month, Tablets (Non -beta-lactam) 2 crore per month, Liquid Oral 750000 Bottle per month and Soft Gelatin = 40 lac per month. Based on the product capacity, the agreements are approved.

Tablets (Beta-lactam) = 1 crore/month

Tablets (Non -beta – lactam) = 2 Crore/month

Liquid Orals = 750000 Bottle/month

Soft Gelatin = 40 lac/month